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Rwanda is in East Africa, just south of the equator, surrounded by Uganda, the Congo, Burundi and Tanzania. With this latitude it is warm all year and light between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm. It is usually sunny with some short but heavy showers in the spring and autumn rainy seasons.

It is a land of great beauty, with forests, lakes and mountains. The towns are few and far between, but there are numerous small villages and settlements as the vast majority of the population live off the land. The main roads linking the towns are moderately good, but beware the potholes. The minor roads are more of an adventure and will test the suspension of the vehicle and its occupants. (4 X 4 vehicles essential)

There are hotels in the towns which provide clean, en-suite rooms and simple but appetising menus. The shops provide the necessities. However Rwanda is not yet established on the tourist map so these facilities are limited.

There is a rich abundance of flora and fauna. Each particular landscape has its own range of wildlife. Amateurs and professionals alike will enjoy this aspect of their holiday. You must bring binoculars and cameras with you.

The people of the country will extend a warm welcome. Life outside the towns is much as it has been for hundreds of years. You will find this interesting, but at the same time it will underline the poverty and hardship of many of the inhabitants.

Rwanda has few natural resources other than its beauty. The economy will greatly benefit from the money generated by tourism.

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