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Rwanda has national parks with fantastic wildlife. No visit would be complete without a day with the mountain gorillas or a day at the Akagera Game Park. This boasts a huge range of wildlife, including giraffe, lions, elephant, hippos and a marvellous range of antelope and birds. Even as you drive through the forests you will see monkeys and baboons. A boat-trip out on Lake Kivu is another must.


Peace Guest House, on the shores of Lake Kivu, is an ideal starting point for a bird-watching holiday. Sitting on the terrace you can spot sunbirds, mousebirds, ibis, flycatchers, firefinches, weevers and many others. Walk down to the shore and you will find kingfishers, turacos, herons and other aquatic birds. As you travel round the country you will discover species reflecting the different terrains.

Boat Trip

The Guest House Manager will organise a boat and crew of paddlers to take you out onto the lake. You may even be moved to join in with the crew’s very distinctive chanting. From the boat you can watch the local fishermen and spot further varieties of birds. The water is considered safe for swimming but you should avoid the shoreline.

Tea Factory

On your way into Cyangugu you will pass fields of tea. Peace Guest House will be pleased to arrange a visit for you to a tea factory.

The Nyungwe Forest

A visit can be arranged to the Forest where you can see up to thirteen varieties of monkeys and other wild-life. There are many exotic birds to be seen. This needs booking.

Akagera Game Park

This is in the north-east corner of the country and would need overnight stops in the district. However it is a stunning experience and you should make everey effort to include it in your itinery. You should see elephants, lions, giraffe, hippos and buffalo, as well as a huge range of antelope and birds.….. Needs booking.

The Mountain Gorillas

While you are in the north of the country you should visit the Volcano National Park in the Virunga Mountains which are home to the mountain gorillas. A guide will take you up to see the gorillas and explain how they are trying to protect them from poaching and other hazards. Your time with the gorillas will be memorable as you are able to see them at close quarters in their natural habitat. A close encounter with a giant silverback will take your breath away.

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